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blu Gruppe has realized an efficient business model that facilitates first-class services, high employee motivation and an excellent cost structure. An ongoing intensive communication and cooperation with our subsidiaries is highly emphasized. The services of blu Gruppe focus on IT consulting and solutions for corporate functions within large companies and corporations, mainly in the fields of Finance, Automotive, Healthcare, Telco and IT.

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Projects and Extended Workbench

The “make or buy” decision has gained importance due to both the severe lack of qualified specialists and the growing remit of IT. We support you in making the right decision according to your needs and are available at all times as your full-service IT project partner.

Over the last 15 years, we have realized projects in a variety of different competence areas in both large and medium-sized companies, and we offer a complete project service as a general contractor – from the development of an IT project to its implementation and launch of operations, to the ongoing maintenance of developed solutions.

The type of project implementation is aligned to the customer requirements as well as the general conditions of the IT project. This can either take place onsite or at the premises of blu Portals & Applications. We have a modern data center for programming services which is operated by local providers in Bavaria and satisfies every requirement with regards to data security and robustness.

In addition to the realization of IT projects as completed assignments, blu Portals & Applications also facilitates the development of an “extended workbench” and thus offers its customers a unique team of specialists that is available permanently for the continuous realization of projects. The management of the workbench as well as the project management is undertaken by the respective experts from blu Portals & Applications, which significantly relieves the organizational burden on the customer’s operational units.


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